2020-21 Jr Spartan PTO Sponsors


Huge thanks to our 2020-21 sponsors! 





Huisking Foundation     Habaneros     Huffham    HRM logo     Classic Flooring     Cook & Bynum     Vulcan Tire & Automotive     Taco Mama     Nichols     Browning-Gregory     Cahaba     MBCSF     All In MB     


Anne & Jim Bussian

The Butrus Family

The Darnall Family

Emily & Walter Dunn

Bob & Leslie Robinson

Browning Trail Cameras & The Gregory Family

Patti & Charles Wilkinson

Kristin & Bill Ritter

Mimi & Allen Ritchie






 Freeman     Comer-Crosby Group     KGS Steel     Emerant Wealth     PT Orthodontics     Eli     


The Cutshall Family     

The Hairston Family     

The Popescu Family     

The Maluff Family     

Jason & Anna Comer     

Susan & Steven Hydinger     

The Caine Family     

Destin and Caleb Crosby 




 LLF     Hassig     Russoms     Birmingham Mortgage Group


The Ashurst Family

The Beck Family

Hansell and Robert Boehme
Emily Branum
Lauren and Brian Burgess
Morgan and Philip Cook

Mandi and Chris Cooper
Katie & Charles Crommelin
Steven Dionne
Ellen and Stephen Faust
LLF Counseling
Drs. Brad and Lori Hassig
The Holley Family
The Holt Family
The Inscoe Family
Alison and Tatum Lassiter
The Matt Lee Family
Leigh and Philip Little
The Mandell Family
Kate and Zach Mather
The Naftel Family

Turenne Newell, Birmingham Mortgage Group
Powell & Dean Owens
The Passarella Family
The Patton Family
The Pearce Family
Thomas and Georganne Perrine
The Petrey Family
Kelly and Grant Robicheaux
Jana and Carey Rome

Joe and Amy Schneider 
Joan and Ryan Short
Meredith & Jay Spencer
Kelly and Lee Thompson

Jacob and Stacy Townsend
The Vinoski Family
Shannon & Van Wadlington
Hill and Dan Weathers
Vicki and Adam Webb
Perry and Stacy White
Erica & Stan Williams
David & Jackie Woodall 






The Ajlouny Family

Mr Gordon Blair and Dr Elizabeth Blair

Hanson and Teri Borders

Betsy and Chuck Burkhart

Kathryn and Steven Burns

The Byars family

Michael and Kaira Catenacci

Sidney and Martin Clapp

Clark Family

The Cooper Family

Lisa and Matt Costanzo

Charlie & Anne Cowin

Amy and Bill Dobbins

Lisa and Chris Dorough

Dr. and Mrs. Jeff Dyer-Smith

Melody and Chris Eagan


Saili and Jason Garner

Sandy and Lewis Gayden

Rebecca and Allen Hawkins

Curtis and Sunnie Hendrickson

Jim and Jill Hicks

Jeff and Cameron Hicks

John and Emily Holmes

Lindsay and Charlie Hussey

Tricia and Rusty Irby

Ellen & Alston Keith

Leigh Anne and Charles Lambert

Jo-Anne & Pascal Lamontagne

Christy & H.B. Lee

Michael & Amy Littleton

Amy Maziarz - Red Hills Realty

Jennifer and Griffin McGahey

Shannon Miller

Katherine & Andrew Moak

Prelipcean Family

Claire and Jimmy Puckett

Brett & Jess Rape

The Redden Family

Leah Rice

550 Construction

The Robinett Family

Thames and Robert Schoenvogel

Chuck and Marta Self

Amy & Charles Smith

Fred Smith RealtySouth



Allison and Stephen Stallcup

Karon and Barry Staples

David and Mary Margaret Stephenson

The Stracener Family

The Woods





Alex and Christine Abenoja

Abney Family

Temple and Steve Alexander

The Bernal Family

The Ashford Family

Keith and Beth Austin

J. Pratt Austin-Trucks/Law Offices of Jacqueline E. Austin

The Bakken Family

Anonymous please

Barrett Family

Charlie and Courtney Baxley

Amy & Christopher Benton

Rob Blalock

Billy and Shannon Borland

Tim and Kelly Burke

Kaira and Michael Catenacci

Kasey and John Colvin

The Cone Family

The Cone Family

Amy and Ivan Cooper

Drennan and Cary Cooper

Chris and Melanie Couch

The Crago Family

The Craig Family

The Craig Family

Catharine Crane & Mike Holden

William & Keely Culpepper

Carmen and Trey Echols

Lee Alice & Allen Estes

Rebecca & Jeff Eubanks

Addam and Mary Evans

Feige family

Angel and Hunter Finch

Flack family


Aimee and Brett Forbus

The Frazier Family

Art and Marie Freeman

Carolyn and John Freeman

Tim and Shannon Gardner

Ken & Chawnee Garrard

The Goodson Family

The Goodson Family

The Graham Family

Green Family

Brent and Tona Hitson

Kelly and Steve Holbert

Sarah Hyche

Johnson Family

Arlo Bailey

The Kelley Family

Meg and David Kerr

Alan & Leah Kilfoyle

The Kimbrough Family

Meg and Craig Krawczyk

Meg and Craig Krawczyk

Lindsey Lacey

David and Beth Lang

Tom and Shirley Lewis

The Lilly Family

Andrew and Catherine Loveman

Kim Maddox,  ARC Realty

Maldia Family

Wade and Kelli Martin

Wade and Kelli Martin

John and Drue Miller

Moorer Family

morris family

Katie and Matt Morrow

Celia and Jared Nadler

Jill Nelson

Tony and Rosemary Nichols

The O'Dell Family

Emmett & Lorrie Parker

The Portera Family

The Pruet Family

Liz & Rusty Rich


Matt and Mary Catherine Roche

John and Hayden Scott

John and Hayden Scott

Elizabeth and John Steiner

Julie and Colin Stewart

Jodi & Brian Sullivan

Lucia and Ashley Tabb

Bibb Family

Rob Walker Architects

Grace & Chip Wann

John and Ginny Webb

Widener Family

Sue Ellen and Jay Wilson

The Woodke Family